Daily Habits that Give You Oily Skin

Are you worried about the oily skin? Do you feel that your oily skin is getting oilier day by day? Well, if you can observe with, it is possible that you are progressing towards a more oily skin. 

It is not because of your skin type only but a few of your lifestyle habits are making it worse. The way we live does have an impact on our skin and gives us a transformation over time. You need to avoid a few practices so you will be able to have healthy and manageable skin. 

Lifestyle habits that makes your kind oiliest 

Multiple washes a day 

Normally, people with oily skin find it satisfying to wash their face multiple times a day. It removes oil from the skin but does have a reverse effect. When you remove the oil from skin, it gives cells a message that the skin surface is dry and needs more oil. Eventually, it turned out to have an overproduction of oil. It is better to wash your face two times a day with moderate soap. 

Not using a moisturizer 

You think if you have oily skin you have the moisture balanced in it so you do not need a moisturizer. The reality is opposite to it. When you apply moisturizer on skin and give it enough moisture for the day, it does not feel dry or trigger the need of oil. Eventually, the skin product controlled the amount of oil on the surface. 

Too hard with scrubbing 

In general, to remove oil from a surface we use scrubs, which are too obvious. However, this is not the case with the skin. You cannot use hard scrubs to remove skin oil. It will eventually make your skin oilier. The aggressive scrub leaves your skin dry and activates oil cells to cover the dryness. According to experts, instead of a scrub, you should go for a salicylic acid treatment. It controls skin oil and avoids any damages. 

Using too much toner 

Skin toner is good for oily skin and it helps to get rid of dirt, oil and grease from the skin surface. However, using the too hard astringent on your skin eventually causes you to have an oiliest skin in the end. It also damages the skin surface and causes irritation, itchiness or other possible allergies as well. 

Stress is the key factor 

Stress is not only bad for your mental health but damages your skin as well. If you are happy and stress free, you are going to have perfect and healthy skin. The stress levels eventually cause an increase in the cortisol level and it makes the hormones go off balance. Eventually, it makes the skin release more oil. 

Tip to take away 

If you want to get rid of oily skin forever, then you cannot. You can only manage oily skin by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It is essential to manage and transform your skin routines over time to avoid any activity that could potentially make your skin oilier.