Luxuriously Handcrafted with Nature

From the purest ingredients to refined chemical-free formulas. We aim to reconnect beauty and nature by advocating sustainable practices that have minimal impact on the environment.

We learn, We adapt
These trying times have made us all experience the unprecedented.
Join us on our quest to beat Covid-19 with our 100% organic soap range that is gentle on your skin but tough on the microbes!
Try Our Handmade Soaps!
Why are shampoo bars better than Commercial shampoos?
They are eco-friendly, which means less plastic in the world!
They are chemical-free, your hair will love it!
They last longer, a bonus for your budget!
Try Our Shampoo Bars!


The Morning Glory Regime

● Start with cleansing using our Handmade Soap bars

● Spritz a refreshing Facial Mist to revitalise your skin for the day

● Apply our Facial Serum for antioxidation and skin protection

● Moisturise your face with Shea Butter

● Apply sunscreen for day-long protection

● Have a rejuvenating cup of tea to start your day right!


The Evening Prayer Regime

● Wipe away the worries of the day with our cleansing oils

● Double cleanse your skin with our gentle Handmade Soaps

● Apply our Facial Masques for 10 minutes to ease away the stress

● Spritz some Facial Mist to restore balance of your skin

● Apply our carefully-designed Facial Serum to maintain moisture levels

● Have a soothing cup of tea for a comfortable night’s rest


Our Motto

To Nature From Nature

Keeping true to our green beauty initiative and firm commitment to give back to nature, our products are environment-friendly, sheathed in sustainable paper packaging that carries a smaller carbon footprint, relative to plastic. And rest assured, all that is washed into your drains is 100% biodegradable!