A whole new world

The discovery

This story of inspiration, passion and authenticity begins humbly in 2014, when Zara (CEO and the brains behind Yellowberry!) was striving to create personal care items for her mother on her birthday. Yearning to craft something special yet natural for her, she was drawn into a universe of sustainability and organic living. Digging deeper, she felt a spark igniting boundless ideas and creative opportunities.

This parallel world, preaching a sustainable way of life, was a wake-up call for Zara and she was drawn to the possibility of creating natural self-care products.


Many small but significant events unfolded over the years to give rise to the remarkable YellowBerry. Zara began with creating small batches of soaps and lip balms for friends and peers, hoping to introduce them towards a healthier lifestyle. On her quest to find better ingredients, Zara relentlessly investigated the domestic market for the best natural ingredients. Unable to match her stringent standards, she expanded her quest to the globe, seeking for better sources for the best ingredients.

Her mission was a profound success, culminating in relationships that YellowBerry is still honoured to hold today. From our trusted Raw Shea Butter suppliers in Nigeria, through the unmatched cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil from Bulgaria, to the certified organic golden-grade Jojoba oil from our Egyptian friends. 

The venture begins!

“I was pleasantly surprised by the response” says Zara. “For a few years I enjoyed it as a side-hustle to my full-time job in corporate finance.”

Encouraged by the enthusiastic response of her customer base, Zara began to seriously explore the scope of her ‘side-hustle’. As formulations were refined and a sound supply chain was established based on quality, integrity and reliability, YellowBerry slowly nibbled out of its cocoon. Receiving the right support from the right people, and a firm ambition to reconnect people with nature led Zara to introduce YellowBerry as an online venture.

In 2016, Zara took a leap of faith and quit her lucrative career to pursue YellowBerry full-time.  The brand was formally incorporated in summer 2019. It now encapsulates the image of an eco-luxe, empowering natural beauty and lifestyle brand.

Reconnecting Beauty and Nature

The Concept behind YellowBerry

It’s not just skincare… It’s a complete lifestyle

Our values


A Conscious Effort